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Q & A with Head Coach/General Manager Jamie Rivers

Jamie Rivers

How long have you wanted to be a pro coach?
I have wanted to be a pro coach for a long time. Probably 4 to 5 years before I had to retire. Once I retired I really missed being a player and getting that adrenaline rush that players get out on the ice. The closest a retired hockey player can get is to be a coach and continue to compete in a different way.

What attracted you to St Charles and the CHL?
I felt like the CHL would be a great league for me to get experience and really define myself as a coach. I was very attracted to St.Charles as my family and I have lived in St.Charles county for 12 years. Also, having the chance to coach pro hockey in such a great hockey city, made me very excited.

What kind of team can fans expect to see?
The fans can expect a team that will play with passion and energy as well as play very tough and gritty. We will have plenty of talent but all of my players will play extremely hard and we will hit, block shots and play for our fans and each other.

How is the recruiting process going?
The recruiting process has been very exciting and I have had a tremendous amount of help from scouts, players and agents. I have been very lucky that there are many players who want to play here for the Chill therefore I have very little to try and sell them on. I have told all of them that they will fall in love with St. Louis, and more so with St. Charles.

How do you spend your free time?
Well to be perfectly honest I have not had a lot of free time. All my days have been packed with recruiting and signing players. I coach my twin boys hockey team and have two girls in competition dancing. I also own a skill development company with our assistant coach Sean Ferrell called Bar Down Hockey Skills. That being said, I try to spend every available minute with my wife and children doing something fun and stress free.

Who was your role model growing up?
My brother Shawn who is 4 years older than me was always my role model. He paved the way for me all throughout my hockey career right to the NHL where he played for the Tampa Bay Lightning. He was the first one to go through everything and he helped me get ready for situations I would be facing down the road.

What are you most looking forward to in the inaugural season?
I am extremely excited about bringing hockey back to the Family Arena and back to the people of St. Charles. I am also really looking forward to helping my players advance their hockey careers as far as possible.

What is your prediction for the Stanley Cup Finals?
I predict that the BlackHawks will win it in 6. I believe that they match up well in the size department but I feel the Hawks have just a bit more talent and depth.